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At ARIES, we empower purposeful creators to build a world where all people have opportunities to thrive.

We believe anyone with a dream and a desire to create should have the prospect to make their vision real. To advance this mission, our organization supports promising master builders via network development and high-touch resource allocation.

Our network of connections -- the Constellation Network -- is powered by a hand-crafted list of mentors, teachers, investors, researchers, recruiters, executives, writers, journalists, makers, syndicates, influencers, advisors, leaders, and students from around the world.

With powerful signals and an enterprising collection of resources, ARIES maximizes the output of our organization and its partners -- and thus the potential for all humankind.

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The Constellation Network

Our network of thousands of makers and doers who are making this world a better place. After we connect with our talent, we pair them alongside one or more members of the Constellation to facilitate goal actualization.

The Constellation is comprised of world-class, for-hire talent accessible for deal flow. You let us know what you're interested in accomplishing, we'll help you find the right people to get the task accomplished.

Career Placement Services

One of the greatest gifts we can provide for ourselves and others is purpose.

Far too often, bright minds are encumbered by circumstances outside of their control. Even worse, the environments created to help prospective master builders succeed often burden them instead; be it through debt, or a lack of direction, or a disconnected community, or any other combination of roadblocks.

Our career placement services provide talent with the tools they need to overcome these challenges and venture forth down their true path.

These services include:

  • Review, optimization, and design for resumes and professional online networks
  • 1-on-1 sessions with a mentor or multiple mentors to identify goals, ideal careers, and possible employer & employment matches
  • Mock interviews and compensation negotiations
  • Feedback through all steps of the career exploration and interviewing process
  • Post-hire sessions on a recurring basis
  • Opportunities for connection within the Constellation Network

We have a history of recruiting and/or managing talent at:


Partnerships by Design

The Constellation Network is comprised of expert generalists and industry specialists, allowing everyone under the ARIES umbrella an opportunity to build within many verticals simultaneously.

We live and breathe dealflow.

Through our collective expertise, our team can identify, monitor, and even create trends. We permit ourselves deep access throughout global industries, some examples being: cryptocurrency investment, esports, SaaS, last-mile delivery, customer experience, product design & management, video games, blockchain development, alternative energies, emerging technologies, early childhood development, professional networking, recruiting & placement, and the intersection of all these fields.

Our team utilizes a combination of our network and our research to help ARIES clients get deals done across any or all of these sectors.

We've brokered deals and/or partnered with:


Guidance & Consulting

As expert generalists and industry specialists, the shared experience of ARIES grants us unique insight into our portfolio of industries. We offer a helping hand for a variety of projects:

  • Startup idea validation
  • QA & product testing
  • Customer experience design
  • Designing marketing campaigns for events & activations
  • Creating and nurturing influencer relationships & engagements
  • Seed-round investing

Our team may be willing to offer these guidance & consulting services pro-bono. Start a conversation with us to determine if this is possible.


ARIES commits its time to supporting uniquely capable people that share our vision for a world where anything of net-positive societal value is possible. This philosophy influences where our other resources are invested.

Traditionally, ARIES considers Seed and Series A investments for exceptional founders in categories where our friends, advisors, and peers are able to share their insights. These sectors include:

  • esports Technologies
  • Video Games & Game Developers
  • XR (VR + AR + MR) Technologies
  • Renewable Technologies
  • Education Technologies
  • Experiential Services
  • Logistics
  • Hardware
  • Blockchain Ecosystems
  • Private / Public Sector Convergence


Want to pitch your project or trade insights about these industries? Let's discuss investment opportunities.

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Investment Portfolio


Cryptocurrency Positions


When investing in cryptocurrencies, we consider our core investment  philosophy as well as the potential impact of each token and its parent or underlying ecosystem. Our current holdings represent a combination of scalability, stability, utility, efficiency, and network effects.


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Zachary Snader.png

Zach Snader

Advisor: esports | talent development | investments | blockchain community ecosystems

Notable Experience: ARIES [FUTURISTICS] | DUUL | Upgrade Acquired


Gabriel Kruse.png

Gabriel Kruse

Advisor: esports | entrepreneurship | marketing | talent development

Notable Experience: DUUL | etailz | Warrior's Way


Andrew Moy.png

Andrew Moy

Advisor: investments | sales | partnerships | talent development

Notable Experience: ConsenSys | 36 Arches | Fast Track Global Media | Transmosis


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