ARIES commits its time to supporting uniquely capable people that share our vision for a world where anything of net-positive societal value is possible. This philosophy influences where our other resources are invested.

Traditionally, ARIES considers Seed and Series A investments for exceptional founders in categories where our friends, advisors, and peers are able to share their insights. These sectors include:

  • esports Technologies

  • Video Games & Game Developers

  • XR (VR + AR + MR) Technologies

  • Renewable Technologies

  • Education Technologies

  • Experiential Services

  • Logistics

  • Hardware

  • Blockchain Ecosystems

  • Private / Public Sector Convergence


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Investment Portfolio


Cryptocurrency Positions


When investing in cryptocurrencies, we consider the potential impact of each token, its addressable market, and its use(s) as an exchangeable asset. Our current holdings represent what we believe to be a winning combination of technical scalability, market utility, and network effects.


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